College Credit Plus


College Credit Plus is a unique opportunity to earn college credits for students in grades 7-12 prior to their graduation from high school. If a student qualifies for the program, all tuition and textbook costs are free at a public state institution. It’s a great way to add college credits that also count toward high school graduation requirements. These college credits are designed to transfer to most public universities in Ohio.

College Credit Plus provides students with the opportunity to take college classes offered by any Ohio public college or university, or from any participating private postsecondary institution, at their high school, on the college or university campus, or online. The program allows students to explore college interests sooner and to earn college credits toward a degree before graduating from high school. It is free to families when students take courses offered by Ohio public colleges and universities.

Beginning February 15th, public high school students may notify their principal of their interest to participate, and must declare their intent to participate by April 1st. This includes students who participated in any or all of the first three years of College Credit Plus. St. Clairsville-Richland City School students are also required to submit a textbook purchasing policy and FERPA form by the April 1st deadline.

For additional information, please contact Ms. Sirbaugh.

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